Probing the Digital: Cyborgs, Avatars and AI

Dietmar Koering, Eva Sommeregger, Sebastian Muehl

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Probing the Digital: Cyborgs, Avatars and AI



Recorded: 15.09.2023, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia


Marc Ries, 

Professor of Sociology and Theory of the Media at HfG Offenbach, Germany.

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, 

Philosophy Professor at John Cabot University Rome, Italy.

Darja Popolitova, 

Artist, PhD student and lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia.



Dietmar Koering,

Art Academy of Latvia, LMDA, Riga, Latvia.


Sebastian Muehl and Eva Sommeregger,

Art Academy of Latvia, LMDA, Riga, Latvia.


In this captivating podcast discussion, experts delve into the profound implications of posthuman technologies like cyborgs, avatars, and AI on society and philosophy. They explore issues of technology inequality, the reshaping of human identity in the era of cyborgs, and the societal influence on AI's future. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner calls for a responsible approach to posthuman tech, challenging conventional dualistic views of humanity and highlighting the adaptability of humans to technological enhancements. Marc Ries stresses the importance of maintaining distinctions between humans and cyborgs, emphasising the intricate nature of identity. Daria Popolitova shares her creative process involving digital selves and the ethical considerations of their impact on art. The podcast was recorded as part of the interdisciplinary workshop Probing the Digital. Cyborgs, Avatars, and AI that took place at the LMDA Research Institute at the Art Academy of Latvia in September 2023.

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Transcription of the Podcast: Probing the Digital: Cyborgs, Avatars and AI